Construction upon specific client request

With over 30 years of experience in the equipment production, we are characterised by the reliability of our supplies.
We create both our own projects and those of our clients.

Essetierre is at the disposition of its clients, assisting them in achieving the most suitable solution in terms of quality/price.
We are able to supply our clients with the necessary product equipped with all its parts and components, being Essetierre-certified and complete with manuals and computations where necessary.

We also employ qualified subcontractors. Upon request, we are likewise able to take care of special packaging.
All products supplied by us are certified, completed in accordance with EU Machinery Directives and -marked.

Accessories and equipment

  • Machine Tool Accessories

  • Construction machinery and equipment

  • Monitoring and testing equipment

  • Lifting equipment

  • Assembly equipment

  • Workpiece carrier equipment

Special machines

We analyse feasibility along with designing and constructing specific machines upon client request.


Our creative department is able to propose solutions that safeguard product functionality and the constructive affordability to enhance its affinity with the end user.

We are also experienced in particular civil-sector facility designs, including panoramic lift cabins, pushbutton panels, signalisation, name-plates and the like.